The purpose of Girlsday is to stimulate young girls to have a broader perspective on their future choice for an education. 

After a short presentation on Synthon Biopharmaceuticals and a video about the process of medicine development, the girls were invited to tour the laboratories. Subsequently, they were able to do their own fun experiments, under the professional guidance of several female colleagues. The experiments included isolating DNA from their own saliva, studying blood cells under a microscope, playing microbial memory, color separation of M&Ms and determining the pH of several foodstuffs and cleaning products. Of course a diploma and a goodie bag were also part of the deal!

Since 2006, Girlsday has been a yearly event in which more and more girls participate via their school. VHTO, the national expert organization on girls/women and science/technology organizes this yearly event in April. In the Netherlands, a relatively low number of girls choose an education in science or technology. VHTO strives to increase the participation of girls and women to science, technology and ICT in the Netherlands.

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