Strong scientific knowledge base

Our investment in infrastructure and technology is matched by our investment in people. Since the inception of our innovative business, we have gradually built an organization incorporating all the expertise necessary to bring innovative drug candidates to the market.

New molecular entities

We strive for a diversified and balanced pipeline of new molecular entities that is actively filled with new programs. Our Lead Finding team continually seeks to identify, propose and validate research programs for new biological entities (NBEs) and new chemical entities (NCEs). 

Our biopharmaceutical development group is responsible for the expression of proteins in a range of mammalian cell lines, both for research and cGMP production purposes. In-house capabilities include cell line development, medium optimization, cell culture process development, purification of the different therapeutic bio-molecules and development of formulations for the final product, and extensive bio-analytical expertise. All these activities are conducted in leading-edge facilities.

In line with our ambition to further expand our pipeline with innovative small molecules and in addition to developing linker-drug technologies for targeted conjugates, our medicinal and protein chemistry team is constantly screening possible compounds for various biological targets, followed by the design of lead structures, synthesis and further pharmacological and toxicological profiling. The result has been the identification of several additional interesting programs. Backed by Synthon’s worldwide knowledge and infrastructure for small-molecule generics, we are excellently positioned for the development of promising small-molecule candidates into new medicines.

Pre-clinical research & development

The extensive pre-clinical R&D work for our innovative programs is conducted by our well-equipped team of professionals, experts in in vitro pharmacology, in vivo pharmacology, protein interaction, companion diagnostics and toxicology. The results of their high-quality innovative work have been published in renowned scientific media and the team regularly collaborates with prominent academic partners in the Netherlands, the United States and other countries.

Unraveling the interaction between carboxylesterase 1c and the antibody-drug conjugate SYD985: improved translational PKPD by using Ces1c knockout mice (Mol. Cancer Therapeutics, 2018)

SYD985, a Novel Duocarmycin-Based HER2-Targeting Antibody-Drug Conjugate, Shows Antitumor Activity in Uterine Serous Carcinoma with HER2/Neu Expression (Mol. Cancer Therapeutics, 2016/8)

The Preclinical Profile of the Duocarmycin-Based HER2-Targeting ADC SYD985 Predicts for Clinical Benefit in Low HER2-Expressing Breast Cancers (Mol. Cancer Therapeutics 2015/3)

Preclinical Profile of the HER2-Targeting ADC SYD983/SYD985: Introduction of a New Duocarmycin-Based Linker-Drug Platform (Mol. Cancer Therapeutics 2014/11)

more about SYD985 in Uterine Serous Carcinoma

Intellectual property and regulatory affairs

Our experienced in-house IP group vigorously secures our freedom to operate and our innovative findings, building an extensive patent portfolio that enhances the value of our business and that of our (future) licensing partners. Our Regulatory Affairs department oversees R&D activities for new drug candidates and safeguards that all legal obligations are fulfilled. They ensure the creation of impeccable dossiers required for the registration of new medicines or starting clinical trials.

Clinical research & development

Synthon has its own fully functional clinical drug development unit which is well-equipped to take our development phase compounds into clinical trials - up to and including phase III. 

more information on ongoing trials

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