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One of Synthon Biopharmaceuticals’ goals is to create a working environment in which trust, pride and joy play an important role – for all employees.

Synthon Nijmegen again a Great Place to Work

After participating in the survey for the second time, Synthon Nijmegen was again recognized as a Great Place to Work®. The survey, that took place in June and October 2018, evaluates an organization from two perspectives: from an employee perspective and a management perspective. The scores on both disciplines proved to be very stable.

According to the assessors of the Great Place to Work® Institute “Synthon has achieved good scores on the themes ‘Inspiring’, ‘Listening: questions and feedback’ and the excelling ‘Sharing: contribute to society’. Scores that even exceed the average Best Workplaces. These themes are solidly established and connect well with Synthon’s mission and core values.” 

On 26 March 2019, during the annual Best Workplaces event, it was announced that Synthon belongs to the Top 10 Best Multinational Workplaces in the Netherlands, with an honorable 9th place in the list. 

Best Workplace in 2017

In 2017, Synthon the Netherlands participated in the survey for the first time. Back then, the assessors stated that “Synthon's policies get an above average score on all criteria: variety, originality, accessibility, warmth and integration. Of these criteria, accessibility gets the best score. We see a great awareness in the development of policies. The employee is in the center of attention and Synthon strives to develop together with them.”

Synthon was awarded the title Best Workplace® and the 11th place in the category ‘Large & Multinational companies’.

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